Utah Home Building

Hiring an attorney to represent you through the home building process you can actually save you money and bring you peace of mind. As part of our representation we negotiate price-guaranteed contracts, help you connect with the best in the industry, review permits and plans, scrutinize and compare detailed bids, and help to avoid legal issues that often arise in home building.

Typically home construction involves the combined efforts of a home designer, lender, and builder. Each of these has their separate contracts, and requirements, and common problems that arise. As an attorney that works at law firm that deals with real estate and construction issues I have seen many of these problems first hand. We are familiar with the common issues that arise during home building, the contracts that builders use, and industry standards involved in home building.

We are meticulous about screening builders, subcontractors, and prior owners. Common issues that arise during the home building process include previous judgments, liens on the property, unlicensed contractors, unbonded contractors, and contracts that do not protect the buyer. These issues can quickly turn into nightmares. We work closely with builders, contractors, and licensed title and escrow officers so we can identify trouble areas and issues before they arise.

Are you thinking of building a home? Come visit us today for a free consultation. Even if you are not ready to build a home and you are just thinking about, it’s a good idea to come and talk to us. We can give you some direction and let you know about common pitfalls.

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