Sean Square 2MBMy name is Sean Wood and I am an attorney located in Layton, Utah. During law school I worked in my school’s bankruptcy clinic and I clerked with a bankruptcy attorney. The more I assisted in bankruptcy the more I realized that I had a lot of questions about bankruptcy so I started making a list of all my questions. It was this list of questions that inspired me to start blogging about bankruptcy.

Since then my practice has grown to include many other areas and I have continued to record the things I learn everyday as an attorney. I hope that through blogging about what I learn every day as an attorney that I can help someone else out there find an answer to their problem whether it’s an attorney, a student, or just someone who needs answers to legal questions.

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Can I contact you?
Of course. You can call me or text me or email me. If you have a legal question, just ask! If I don’t know the answer to your question chances are I can find out or I probably know someone who does know the answer to your question and I can get you in contact with them.

Email: sean@seanwoodlaw.com
Office Number: 385-865-7564